Member Savings from Safety Program

Buyers Access nets Member 30%+ savings on proactive safety program purchase


Source an acceptable strong and safe needlestick-resistant glove to ensure on-site maintenance team member safety.


Buyers Access performed an analysis of purchasing history to identify property utilization trends and, to generate a revised top product list. In collaboration with the supplier partner, a detailed communication plan was developed and implemented to drive awareness and adoption of the revised list.


31% savings

or approximately $3,300 on one order

Increased team safety

and reduced potential for Workers Comp claims

Saved 8+ hours

of manpower using the outsourced process


Not waiting for a potential problem to become a more serious issue, a Director of Maintenance started proactively planning for on-site team safety needs. One of the top priorities identified was to protect site level team members from unproperly discarded needles by residents.

The Director of Maintenance turned to his Buyers Access Account Manager to lead a comprehensive specific sourcing effort. After discussing desired safety and product requirements, our team contacted multiple supplier partners to source the unique need, and negotiated substantial savings utilizing a bid and bulk purchase process.